It felt serendipitous when I discovered that Prue was offering divorce coaching. At a time when I had almost lost hope that I would ever feel peace again, Prue offered to be my coach. Prue's professionalism, authenticity and approachable manner, together with her experience, knowledge and wisdom in family law are the perfect qualities for an exceptional divorce coach. 


Although some of the logistical issues surrounding my divorce had been dealt with before I began coaching, there was still a lot of emotional trauma, bad habits and angst surrounding the underlying issues. Any communication received from my ex husband triggered a huge amount of stress and anxiety. I would agonise over how to respond, holding back the urge to lash out and react emotionally as I'd done in the past. Despite my efforts to diffuse situations I often seemed to be exacerbating them, without understanding why.


Prue's coaching allowed me to achieve a deeper level of understanding about why certain issues had taken such a toll on me, why they were so hard to resolve and why the same patterns kept repeating. The explanations and strategies she gave, as well as the tasks that she set allowed me to approach future dealings with much more confidence, understanding and even compassion. This, in turn, broke the patterns, dissolved the stress and accelerated the resolution process. It enabled us to power through mediation sessions, respectfully discussing and negotiating topics that once would've been impossible to even broach. We were able to raise our concerns and reach a point of agreement resulting in a parenting plan we were both comfortable signing. 


I now feel much more confident and relaxed responding to communication from my ex husband, and the angst I once felt towards him has diminished considerably. With more coaching I hope to be able to reach a point where we are amicable and can be in the same space with little to no discomfort. 


I've even been able to use some of the same strategies that Prue suggested with my new partner to strengthen and deepen our relationship. 


I am so grateful that I now have someone to turn to for advice and guidance, someone who's seen it all from many different sides. My only regret is that I didn't find Prue sooner.