5 tips for navigating Valentine's Day when you are newly single

It’s hard to ignore Valentine’s Day.  With greeting cards at every supermarket checkout, store windows decorated with love hearts and date specials popping up at restaurants.  But if you are newly single, Valentine’s Day can be challenging. Here are a few ideas to help you navigate Valentine’s Day post-separation.

1. Plan ahead

Holidays like Valentine’s Day can stir up difficult emotions.  Hiding away or trying to ignore it altogether may end up making you feel worse.  If you anticipate you might feel down on Valentine’s Day now is the time to make some plans.  Making plans early is more likely to mean you feel connected on the day.

2. Tell friends and family how you feel

Reach out to friends and family and let them know the day might be difficult for you – so they can support you.  Organise a date or even just an over the phone catch up with members of your family or friends so you aren’t feeling alone during the day.  

3. Practice self-love

Valentine’s Day is also a great opportunity to show yourself some love.  Often we give so much to others, but forget about ourselves.  Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to prioritise your own self-care.  Buy yourself a bunch of flowers, have a quiet coffee at your favourite café, run yourself a nice bath, watch your favourite show or movie – plan to build something into your day which lights you up.

4. Organise something special with those closest to you

Valentine’s Day at its heart is about love. It is an opportunity to celebrate and be with anyone in your life you love – not just a significant other.  If you have children, plan something special for the day like an afterschool café date, or a picnic at the park.  If you don’t have children, make plans with a friend or family member.  Don’t assume everyone will have plans – you might just find your coupled up friends and family are grateful for an invitation with a lot of couples choosing not to celebrate the day.

5. Connect with other singles on Valentine’s Day

If coupled up friends already have plans, consider reaching out to other singles.  There are many online communities for singles and single parents. These communities are a perfect place to seek out others who might not have plans for the day and would like to meet up.

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