Interview with Anju, Founder of The Separation Exchange

Like so many great business ideas, The Separation Exchange was born out of an unmet need.  Anju, the founder of The Separation Exchange, couldn’t find a one-stop shop for divorce information and resources when she needed it.  And so the saying goes “If you can’t find it, create it”.

The Separation Exchange is an Australian online platform providing information and services related to the separation and divorce process and a supportive community for people going through the challenges of a break-up.

I spoke with Anju about her business and how it can help someone going through a break-up.

What inspired you to create The Separation Exchange?

When I went through the process I could not find a central place for information and it was always very legal centric. I also had support but none from people who knew what I was going through.

Can you describe what someone visiting your site can expect?

The intent is that they can find a community for support and service providers/experts that you would only usually find via word of mouth (not the ones that pay big money for key words on google that list on the top 2 pages because they paid big money for it).

In what ways can The Separation Exchange help someone with their journey through a separation?

Joining a community to learn from others going through a similar experience, help people feel less alone by finding a tribe. Also find expert tips or links by being part of the community. Tribe members also gain access to members only offers from service providers. When I was going through the process, I was looking for a paediatric psychologist that worked with separation and divorce however I was unable to find one. I was able to find a general paediatric psychologist, but none with specific experience in separation and divorce. My intent is to bring all the related service providers into the one central place.

What is your vision for The Separation Exchange?

To connect and inform people going through this tough time about all the options available to consider and also the underpinning service providers that can enable their journey. Some service providers push people towards going to court as the only option however providing all the options that can be considered to people, provides them with a more informed position to help make their choice.

Drawing on your own experience, what one piece of advice would you share with someone going through a separation?

I don’t like giving “advice” because each person’s situation can be so different! However in my experience: Separation and Divorce can surface a totally different person in yourself and your ex, therefore allow yourself to mourn the loss of your previous family unit before making pivotal decisions.

With hindsight, what is one thing you would do differently if you were to do-over your divorce?

I should have taken more time to “absorb” what was going on in my life, instead I got into survivor mode and dived into fully time work whilst my kids were very young and having to deal with a lot. That is one learning that “hind-sight” has gifted me with! BUT saying that, I am sure that had I done that something else may have impacted us like us losing our home and uprooting the kids of consistency, so I tried to do the best I can and that I can say with peace in my heart!

You can join The Separation Exchange private facebook community here or visit their website here

If you are going through a separation/break-up and want to know more about divorce coaching and how I can support you during this period, please reach out here.