A separation can take you to some pretty dark places.  I'm here to walk beside you. To hold a light to help you see the way forward. To make the journey a little less scary. 

I'm here to support you and guide you as you work your way through the practical and emotional aspects of a separation.

My expertise from working as a family lawyer for 14 years can help save your time, money, energy and most importantly your sanity.

With the right support, you can maintain your dignity through your break-up,
be a great mum to your children and build a beautiful new life.

Let me help you, help yourself.


As a divorce coach, some of the things I help mums with are:

− finding their resilience and self-esteem
− tools and strategies to help them in knowing how to support  their children and relate to their ex
− managing their emotions
− making good decisions
− prioritizing self-care (I’m so passionate about that topic I have a whole blog ( devoted to it).
− coping with the stress and overwhelm of responsibilities, expectations and the never ending to-do list as a single mum
− providing more effective instructions to their lawyers, to make the process quicker and cheaper
− getting organised for the legal process
− referring them to other professionals eg. financial planners, lawyers, therapists.

My role as a divorce coach is to support mums through their journey. To act as part of a care team to help them get through a challenging period and emerge stronger and more inspired than they thought possible.


Book a complimentary mini-session

I understand how precious your time is as a busy mum.  Don’t worry, the call isn’t a 30 minute sales pitch.  I promise to give you real value in our time together.  If you decide coaching is for you, we can talk about getting started